AS220 invites you to join the movement as we build a creative community committed to the values of access, equity, and social justice!

Your support of just $5 a month (or $10, $20…you decide!) is crucial to sustaining an organization that continues to have a profound impact on the city of Providence:

13  artist businesses incubated
60  artists living and working in our buildings
65  art exhibits
243  active artist / maker members
600  youth served at AS220 Youth
660  live performance, music, and “other” events
1,200  classes and workshops
8,200  artists served
51,000  people coming to Providence to participate at AS220!
numbers based on reporting from July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

As a way of saying “THANK YOU” for your monthly donation, and showing our appreciation, you’ll get a limited edition AS220 enamel pin designed by AS220 Youth alum and Rhode Island School of Design graduate Gaby Mollinedo!


Gaby’s design recalls AS220’s legendary resident cat, Fatso, who graced our Richmond  Street and Empire Street spaces (and sometimes our stage!) from 1986 – 2001.  The cat’s  three eyes allude to the Eye of Providence and the three stripes in AS220’s logo – stripes  Gaby refers to as AS220’s “magic three”!”


* Donations recur monthly with no set end date. However, participants may cancel their participation at any time by contacting