This Friday, April 11th, the Providence Soda Club will be on hand at the Night Mom / Huge Face / Dirty Fences / Math the Band show giving out free ice cream floats (before 9:30pm). What? Why???

How did the PVDSC come to be organized? Who are the brains behind this operation?

PVD Soda Club started about a year ago when three people decided that they wanted to get together with friends and the greater soda community and revel in carbonated wonder. These days it is primarily organized by it’s founders Jacob Nathan and Matt Albertsen, who happen to be roommates and have thousands of cases of soda in their basement. Strangely enough, we don’t actually drink that much soda even though we both like it a lot. Soda moderation is encouraged by the club.


Tell us a little bit about your “Soda Socials”.

PVD Soda Club is relatively informal. We reach out to soda companies– particularly local ones — who send us soda to be reviewed on our website or shared at community events such as the soda social that was held in December of 2012. The Soda Social was a smashing success with soda performance art, music, poetry, and video documentaries about soda as well as free samples of over 50+ flavors and 12 New England based soda companies. At the event all attendees were ranking sodas that they tried. The top soda company was Maine Root with it’s standout flavors of Blueberry, Ginger Brew, and Lemon Lime. Foxon Park based in New Haven is another amazing company. Their White Birch is EXCELLENT (and will be featured for floats at the event on Friday). We are ultimately planning to do another event on that scale– perhaps reaching out to companies outside of New England and different performers and artists.

Why free ice cream floats? Why now?

The event this Friday at AS220 will feature free ice cream floats. We figure it’s a good coming out (again) event to get more people interested and participating in PVD Soda Club. We need more members to make doing “soda socials” more often a feasible reality! As I mentioned before, we have a LOT of soda hanging around so we are happy to share it with everyone at the show. The time seems right. The winter is thawing… depression is ending… why not celebrate with bubbly sweetness. It’s a nostalgic and friendly rite of spring. All of the bands are DOWN with soda culture. I mean listen to Math the Band… they have probably consumed 50 cases of Jolt before each performance.