What Cheer? Wednesday Summer Sweatin'

What Cheer? Wednesday Summer Sweatin’

The summer is here
the heat and sun is heavy
but so are the jams.
This will probably (NO, CERTAINLY) be really sweaty because history shows that every time What Cheer, Mal Devisa and Malportado play, the sweat flows like sweet, sweet honey!
Mal Devisa (NorthHampton, MA)
With driving bass melodies, hypnotizing harmonies and a variety of genres, Carr conjures up a live show one would have to see in order to truly hear.

Malportado Kids (PVD)
Tropical dance punks here to help you set the empire on fire.

What Cheer? Brigade (PVD)
Providence’s very own brass band kicking off their summer tour! 90% brass 10% booty sweat 😉