We're Hiring - Theater Production Manager

We’re Hiring – Theater Production Manager

AS220 Theater Production Manager

Hourly Part Time Position (10+ hrs per week)

Job Description

AS220 is a community of artists based in downtown Providence that provides open forums and opportunities for Rhode Island artists. We provide an alternative to the institutional venues and have gained national attention for our commitment to an “open and unjuried”, egalitarian approach to nurturing a creative community.

The activities of AS220 include (but are not limited to) daily events in our performance space, monthly gallery exhibits, a number of annual events and festivals, the AS220 Youth Studios community learning center, Media Lab, Print Shop and work-studios as well as commercial and not-for-profit tenants.  AS220 currently owns and manages three buildings in downtown Providence that house 48 artists and provide individual and collaborative work spaces, galleries, venues, and our bar and restaurant.


The AS220 Theater Production Manager position is a part time job position and is first and foremost responsible for monitoring the sound and visual aspects of performances in the AS220 Black Box. The Theater Production Manager reports to the he Program Director of Theater and Dance.

Responsibilities fall into the following areas:

Physical Space

Set up and maintenance of the AS220 black box theater which may include musical performances, theatrical productions, non-musical events such as fashion shows, spelling bees, bike swaps, dramatic works and much more.

Technical : Sound, & Lighting (AV)

Managing light and sound systems during the performance, small repairs and troubleshooting when issues occur.

The AS220 Black Box has EAW surround sound system with a VFS250 Subwoofer, digital projector with 8′ X 12′  screen, and theatrical lighting.

  • Familiarity of equipment to adequately meet the needs of performers.  This includes: Use of Direct Input boxes and the necessary adapters and cables for musical instruments of a wide variety.  Setting up vocal and instrument amplification.
  • Ensuring that health and safety requirements for the recording environment are met. This includes: maintaining an orderly sound booth- keep cables organized, protecting microphones, setting up and putting away microphone stands.  
  • Troubleshooting technical problems with the equipment; monitoring audio signals to detect sound-quality deviations or malfunctions.
  • Anticipating and solving technical problems that may arise during a performance.
  • Organizing and storing AV equipment after a performance
  • Assisting with set design for outside rentals of the space


Attending to (within our capabilities) the needs of performers:

  • Communicating with the performers and making sure the performance runs smoothly. It is important to communicate effectively with performers that have various degrees of knowledge of their own sound equipment and to be able to meet their needs.
  • Assessing the acoustics of the performance area and setting up, testing and operating equipment accordingly. Choosing, placing, adjusting and operating technical amplification such as microphones and cables, bearing both sound and visual requirements in mind.
  • Setting up audio and visual needs for the performers and maintaining appropriate sound levels and dynamics for each vocalist/instrument.  (Can include instruments, computer input, lighting, visual projections, etc).
  • Welcoming performers arrive and assisting them throughout the evening, making sure they are aware of our policies, distributing door money at the end of the event, etc.
  • Making sure the performance is timely and operates smoothly.
  • Preparing the Green Room for performers.
  • Maintenance tasks related to the performance and support spaces.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Keeping accurate records of the gate receipts, handling riders, collecting space rental fees.


AS220 has an equal pay policy: all staff of the non-profit are paid $18.50 per hour

To Apply Please Send: Resume and Cover Letter via PDF. Please name your attachments as follows “First Name Last Name – Resume” and “First Name Last Name – Cover Letter” (i.e. Sam Washington – Resume & Sam Washington – Cover Letter)

This posting will close on 08/14/2018. Please submit your Resume and Cover Letter on or before this date for consideration.

To apply for jobs listed here, please send all materials requested in the specific position descriptions below to jobs@as220.org.

Prospective candidates should spend some time on our web site, AS220.org, before applying.