Unit 404 at the Dreyfus will be opening up June 1st. It is 424 square feet and costs $569 per month.

This is an affordable unit, meaning the income of the resident cannot exceed $26,050. Heat and hot water and AC are included in the rent. The tenant pays their own electric bill. No parking is provided, and, sorry animal lovers, but no pets are allowed. The building is smoke-free, so if you smoke you may want to think twice about living here. Each artist/tenant is responsible for 5 hours per month in community service to AS220. Residents of AS220 must be committed to contributing to building a creative community and be engaged in some creative process.

Applicants must submit an application including proof of income (such as two months worth of pay stubs, a form we provide to be filled out by employer, a quarterly report and last year’s tax return if self employed) to:

attn: Susan
95 Mathewson Street #204
Providence, RI 02903

Or via email to:

Digital support materials, links to websites are preferred. Be sure the files are not too big and are in a common format.

Applications are due no later than Sunday May 1 at midnight. We will conduct interviews the evening of Wednesday, May 4th or Thursday, May 5th, TBD.

Applications are available online.