AS220 has a subsidized live studio in the Mercantile Block opening up. It is available April 1, 2014 in the Mercantile Block at 131 Washington Street Providence, RI. The units are subsidized and must be your primary residence. The annual gross income of the resident cannot exceed $25,200 for single occupancy and $28,800 for double occupancy. Your income must be verified via paystubs, from a form we send to your employer or if self-employed three years of tax returns.  Aside from paying your rent on time each month each artist/tenant is responsible for paying their own electric bill and completing 5 hours per month in community service to AS220. There is no parking included.

Applicants must submit a portfolio of their work and the application to AS220 as outlined on our website application. Online and digital images for support materials are encouraged.

The current vacancy in the Mercantile is 690 square feet and the rent is $630 per month. You may have a cat if you pay a pet security deposit but no dogs are allowed.

Applications are due by midnight Sunday March 9th.  The review panel will meet the following Wednesday evening.

They can be mailed or hand delivered to:

Susan Clausen
95 Mathewson Street #204
Providence, RI 02903

or sent via email to,

Applications are available at:

Contact number: 401-743-6434