AS220 is one of many arts and culture organizations in Providence who have sent letters to the Providence City Council Committee on Finance urging them to fully fund the proposed $7.7 million for Arts, Tourism, and Hospitality in Mayor Elorza’s American Rescue Plan Act ordinance.

Click here to read both letters that we have signed.

This funding is critical to the arts, which have been a powerful economic engine for Providence and the pride of our community for decades, and will directly restore some of the two years of cancelled events, delayed festivals, missed wages, and increasing expenses that artists and cultural workers have sustained.

We urge you to contact the members of the Finance Committee (especially if you live in one of their districts) and tell them to pass the American Rescue Plan Act ordinance with the full $7.7 million funding for Arts, Tourism, and Hospitality.

Call any (or all) of the members below. Here’s a script, to use as needed:

“Hi, my name is _________. (if you live in Providence:) I live in ______ (zip code) in Providence.

I’m calling to encourage you to approve the Mayor’s proposed American Rescue Plan Act funding which includes $7.7M for Arts, Tourism and Hospitality, as well as funding for housing and homelessness, youth and community, city services and infrastructure, among other things. The recommendations are the result of a thoughtful community engagement process and will help rebuild the ecosystem that makes Providence the special place that we all care about. Without support for the arts, culture, tourism and hospitality industries, which have been devastated by COVID-19, Providence will risk losing the creative heart that draws and keeps people here. These things are not just nice to have when times are good; they are essential to our humanity and recovery as a thriving community.

 I urge you to:

  • Schedule a Finance Committee Meeting to take up this issue as soon as possible.
  • Approve the proposed ARPA ordinance, including the absolutely critical funding for arts, tourism and hospitality.

Thank you for your time.”


City Council President, Councilman John Igliozzi:


Finance Committee Members

Finance Chairperson, Councilwoman Jo-Ann Ryan:

401-464-2046 ward5@providenceri.gov

Councilman Nicholas Narducci:

401-497-1430 ward4@providenceri.gov

Councilwoman Carmen Castillo:

401-226-4678 ward9@providenceri.gov

Councilwoman Helen Anthony:

401-489-2470 ward2@providenceri.gov

Councilman James Taylor:

401-225-8500 ward8@providenceri.gov