Upcoming June Exhibitions

Upcoming June Exhibitions

L to R : S. White | A. Wamboldt | M. Napolitano | J. Adler

IN THE GALLERIES | JUNE 5-26th, 2021

GALLERY HOURS by APPOINTMENT | contact neal.walsh@as220.org
Appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday, & Chance

ABORN GALLERY 95 Empire St. | 2nd Floor
Unusual Sustenance | Abigail Wamboldt

AS220 PROJECT SPACE 93 Mathewson St.
Time is Nothing But Everything | Maria Napolitano

AS220 READING ROOM 93 Mathewson St.
New Works | Hector Sosa

RESIDENT GALLERY 131 Washington St.
Finding A Fox And Offering It Flowers | Jillian Summers

AS220 MAIN GALLERY 115 Empire St.
Walls and Wool | Sam White

Fading Memories | Jane Adler