On Thursday, July 26th, the AS220 Board of Directors held a “Thank You” gathering for former board member and long-time Board Chair Sean Daly, at the AS220 Bar. AS220 Founder and former Artistic Director Umberto Crenca presented Sean with an original framed piece of art to thank him for 3 decades of service to the organization

“Lots of people know Sean, but they might not know that he was a part of the Board for nearly 30 years, and was the Board Chair for a big chunk of that time. He was always very involved and engaged across AS220.” – Shauna Duffy, AS220 Managing Director

Sean first became involved at AS220 in 1989, when we were located at Richmond Street in Providence, as a volunteer accountant. Since that time, he has witnessed and played a role in the evolution of the organization as we have grown and expanded in terms of programming, physical space, and capacity to serve Rhode Island artists.

We would like to thank Sean for his invaluable investment of time and energy into AS220, and wish him the best for the future!