SUNDAY! A circus sideshow! A band! Slams!

SUNDAY! A circus sideshow! A band! Slams!

Prior to this month’s Wrestle Party Doctor Finnegan’s Circus will put on a circus sideshow featuring twists on Sword Swallowing, Bed of Nails and Human Blockhead! I can’t imagine any of the wrestlers interfering with them. That would be preposterous!


Boston’s Cult Fiction is this month’s band playing all our warriors to the ring!


Then later that evening: Who will win in a match between a fox, parrot, bear, cat and tuna fish? Will the tyrannical King Leon VI be in attendance? Will our hero of the sea Ashley Vox stand up to him? Will the burnout yoga instructor try his hand at another match? So many questions! Only one way to get the answers!




As220 Black Box

7:00 pm

$10 (free with brown / risd ID)

Live Pro(v) is a professional wrestling promotion that prides its Wrestle Parties on being unlike any other performance event. Part theatre, part punk show, part improv, part comedy, part combat sport, part cabaret, and always completely frikkin’ insane. Fans stand ringside and interact with the performers to cheer on their heroes, boo their villains, and get confounded by the in-betweens of morality. These shows have everything: A telekinetic meta-human-supervillain built in a mad scientist’s laboratory, a tuna with a wicked Rhode Island accent, the “SLAM” poets, a tyrannical king from the realm of Beaheadya, the world’s unluckiest pizza delivery guy, an easily distracted cat, and bunch of real meanies that are really asking for a bruisin’!