6 Dance Class Package

The regular price for our weekly drop-in dance classes is $13 – buy 6 classes at once and the price per class is only $10! The package includes: Intermediate/Advanced Modern Dance, YoBalAtes, Theatrical Dance, Open Level Modern Dance, Yoga, Switch Series, Beginner Ballet, Intermediate Ballet.







Build Your Own Guitar Pedal

In this workshop, students will learn how to build their own guitar pedal, specially an Ibanez Tubescreamer clone. This is a simple overdrive pedal, that will produce a nice overdrive distortion for your instrument. Students will learn soldering basics, a brief introduction to electronics and a discussion on audio circuits and modifications to the circuit. 







Introduction to Soldering: Drawdio

In this workshop, students will learn the basics of soldering electronics and get to construct and take home their very own Drawdio kit. The drawdio is a small noise making synthesizer that uses a pencil to conduct electricity and make noises. As you draw, you create sound! 







Labs Project: Wordclock

Traditional clocks point to a number to tell the current time. Word clocks spell out the time in natural phases. Originally inspired by some of the word clock postings on hackaday (, the word clock that you will build as part of this workshop is fabricated using a variety of the tools available at AS220 Labs. Our word clock design is 12″ x 12″ and can be hung on a wall or be stood up on a desk or shelf.







Introduction to Soldering: MintyBoost

In this workshop, students will learn the basics of soldering electronics and get to construct and take home their very own MintyBoost kit. The MintyBoost is a small, battery-powered charger for USB devices (like iPhones, Androids, etc.). 








Adobe Illustrator for Digital Fabrication

In this workshop, students will learn how to use and apply the computer-aided design (CAD) program, Adobe Illustrator for Digital Fabrication and CNC Machine. Adobe Illustrator is a vector design program that is a useful tool to design files for the Laser Cutter, CNC Router, and Vinyl Cutter. These are machines at the AS220 Labs, and can be used by members. This workshop is meant to cover how to properly design and prepare your files for the machines. A basic understanding of computer design and digital fabrication is recommended, but not required.





Laser Cutter Project: Press-Fit Construction

Make a custom birdhouse, wine rack, or box!  Participants will learn about the basics of press fit design using the Labs’ Epilog Mini Laser Cutter.  This is a great starting point for students interested in developing their own press fit designs.







Learn how to use this tool to cut vinyl graphics! This class will cover the basics of using the vinyl cutter, techniques for making signs, and the software tools for preparing work for the cutter. The Labs has a Roland CX-24 Vinyl Cutter that can work with material up to 24″ wide. This is a very simple and easy to use machine in the Labs. You can make all sorts of signs, decals, stencils for your house, business, car, gallery, etc. 

This workshop is for anyone interested in using a CNC Router for digital fabrication, specifically the ShopBot machine for computer-controlled cutting and routing. The course covers an introduction to the ShopBot, Computer-Aided Design software to design projects for the machine, creation of 2D tool paths for the machine using PartWorks, and basic machine operation and safety.  You will learn how to safely operate the machine on your own, so that you may use the machine independently after completing the training and signing up for membership. 

Learn how to use the laser cutter to cut or etch wood, plastics, papers or textiles. This class will cover the basics of using the laser cutter safely, techniques for working with different materials, and software tools for preparing work for the cutter. This is a hands-on workshop; bring a project if you like! Students will be certified to use the Labs’ laser cutter after completing the course and signing up for membership at AS220 Industries.

Learn your way around the Paul Krot Community Darkroom. From mixing chemicals to understanding enlargers, gain a hands on introduction to traditional black and white photo printing. Students should bring two rolls of exposed film to class to develop. The cost of the workshop includes a material fee of $20 consisting of  film, five sheets of RC paper, and chemistry.






Take the mystery out of aperture sizes, f-stop numbers, shutter speeds, ISO numbers, focal length, synchronization speeds, and any other aspects of the 35mm camera that you have ever wondered about! 







In three weeks, you’ll get a hands on introduction to large format photography. Using AS220’s collection of cameras from our Camera Rental Program, Darkroom keymember Lindsey Beal will take you through the entire large format process, from operating the cameras and learning their settings, to developing 4×5 film and making prints. Only $140, a real steal for a class of this caliber.  Note: This is a more advanced class that requires you to have a basic understanding of using the darkroom. 





Intro to Digital SLR Photography

Come equipped with your DSLR camera and get set to learn it like the back of your hand! After this class you’ll feel confident using your DSLR, and finally get the pictures you desire. Complete with a weather permitting photo walk around downtown Providence!







Beginning Video: Guerilla Tactics for Image Making

This class will utilize professional and makeshift approaches to video production that will enable the student to make video works anywhere. The aim of this class is to empower students to engage the moving image in innovative ways. Students will utilize a hands-on approach to video making while investigating historic and contemporary examples of video art works from the 1970’s to now. Students will employ in-class explorations to create video works that are personal, innovative and thoughtful. This class will utilize professional and makeshift approaches to video production that will enable the student to make video works anywhere.





Digital Art: Photoshop Intensive

Photoshop is an exciting platform for making dynamic digital imagery. This course will explore how Photoshop aids traditional media such as drawing, printmaking and photography, as well as examine new means of making through digital imaging. Through lectures and dialogue, readings and lots of hands-on making, this course will examine the rhetorical, formal, and visual underpinnings of digital art. Assignments and in class explorations encourage students to investigate formal design aesthetics and the nuances of effective visual communication; as well as to develop a critical analysis of the historical and cultural context of design and the role of the digital media artist in society.





Introduction to Adobe Illustrator CS6

From screen printing to vinyl decals, Illustrator contains a wide array of tools that will help you create compelling graphics and images. This class will cover everything that’s needed to start creating, from the fundamentals of pixels versus vectors to basic drawing and shape manipulation. By the end of the session, you’ll have an understanding of the basic toolkit and the ability to start building scalable graphics. Don’t have Illustrator on your computer? No problem! For the month that you enroll, you have 8 hours in the media lab to use our software and computers outside of class.






Make Your Own Adventure Video Game

This four-day kids class will introduce brave students to “Stencyl,” a free game development tool. To get our creativity flowing, we will play drawing games and brainstorm weird and interesting plot lines together. Students will then work in small groups creating a story, characters, and soundtrack for their own unique 2-D game experiences. Resources for further game development programs, most of which are also free, will be presented.







Introduction to Audio Recording

Learn the process and production involved with audio technology for various media and musical applications. In the workshop, we will explore the recording process in the audio lab at AS220, which is available for public use upon completion of this workshop. Participants in this workshop will complete a basic audio project and present it at the end of the final session. This workshop is for musicians, audio enthusiast, media artists, and anyone looking to acquire the necessary skills for making audio creations. This course balances theoretical concepts with practical techniques to help you approach your future projects.

Introduction to Offset Printing

Colorful ‘zines, single-page artists’ books, posters, and flyers can all be created in large quantities using the Printshop’s Offset Press. The first class will be spent in the Media Arts Lab using the Adobe Creative Suite to turn your ideas into formatted files ready for the press. Five weeks will be spent on press with Jacque Bidon, where you will learn how to run the ABDick 9850 Offset Press – a commercial press capable of creating hundreds of prints in a matter of minutes. Finishing processes will be covered including folding using our pneumatic machine, using our saddle stitch stapler, and trimming on the guillotine.





Introduction to Book Arts

Multiple book structures will be covered in this class, including single-page books, pamphlet stitches and a variety of woven books that do not use any glue or sewing. The last binding will be a longstitch journal, perfect for sketchbooks or journals. Take your ‘zines or book projects to the next level with these simple yet effective book structures.








Learn the basics of paper folding and gluing, skills that will help participants move to the more difficult binding, the case bound book, a multiple page sewn book with hardcovers. This elegant and sturdy hardcover binding is perfect for blank journals. Students will leave with 2 beautiful books, an accordion and a case bound journal, as well as the knowledge to make these books at home. Paper and board are included but students are welcome to bring their favorite decorative paper for their book covers. 






Print and Bind Patterned Paper

This class offers an unconventional approach to printing on the letterpress. Using a collection of patterned wood blocks, wood and metal type, and low-relief collagraph plates, students will create spontaneous, layered prints.  Seasoned printers as well as beginners are encouraged to take this class.








Collograph is a unique process that combines the sculptural elements of mixed media with printmaking.  The plates not only produce interesting patterns and embossments in print, they also become beautiful objects in their own right.  An incredibly inexpensive and easy method to learn, collography can be done with or without a press, in the Printshop or at home.





Origami, the art of paper folding, is beautiful and timeless, thanks to its simplicity. After all, there is only one way to fold a piece of paper. Yet within that single fold is a universe of possibilities. With every variation of a fold, a new shape emerges. In a common sheet of paper, there exists the notion of a flower, the thought of a fish, and the dream of a bird.






Introduction to Silkscreen – 1 Day Intensive

Screenprinting is a versatile process that can be used to transfer graphic images to paper, wood, and fabric.  It is ideal for making t-shirts, posters, coasters, greeting cards/stationery, and more.  Bring an idea and something you want to print on and we’ll show you how it’s done.







Screenprinting is a versatile process that can be used to transfer graphic images to paper, wood, and fabric.  It is ideal for making t-shirts, posters, coasters, greeting cards/stationery, and more.  Bring an idea and something you want to print on and we’ll show you how it’s done. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to screen printing in two sessions. Participants will design, print, and exchange a two-color print with a maximum dimension of 8″ x 10″. The workshop will end with a print exchange.

Silkscreen Color Separations by Hand

Make compelling, complex color images without computers, and investigate some of the un-mimickable graphic possibilities that appear at the moments where our hands encounter the material world. You’ll learn how to separate an image into different colors using eye, hand, and pencil; how to cut Rubylith, a stencil film, using a razor knife to prepare precise, clean-line images for printing; how to mix transparent inks and work with color gradients and how to accurately register and print a small edition of a multi-color image. 





Intermediate Silkscreen: Printing Repeating Patterns on Fabric

This course will introduce the design and registration methods necessary for printing in repeat.  We’ll go over different types of repeats, creating a jog line, and options for designing by hand or on the computer.  Then we’ll get into the technical aspects of registering and printing a repeating pattern on our AS220-sized version of a typical textile printing table.  Each student will be able to design one one-color pattern and print 2 yards of fabric. 




Introduction to Letterpress

Fine detail and embossment make for stunning, professional-quality business cards, invitations, announcements, and labels.  Print your favorite poem by hand-setting lead type one letter at a time; make a poster or a broadside; or transfer your line drawings to a photo-polymer plate for editioning.  This course will cover the old and new uses of the letterpress, from lead type and linotype to polymer plate printing, including basic file prep using Adobe software.  






Alternative Printmaking: Cyanotype

Cyanotype, a photographic printing process that results in a cyan-blue print, is the perfect place to start an education in alternative (non-silver) photographic processes.  Not only is this alternative process low in cost and simple to master, but it creates beautiful and distinctive results.  This class will be of interest to both photographers looking to broaden their printing options, and print based artists looking to add a photographic element to their work.