Book an AS220 Streaming Session!

Sin Seven presents: PSXXX – Digital Edition

In response to the ongoing pandemic, we are now booking “Streaming Sessions” –  multi-camera, multi-audio channel recordings that are streamed, pre-recorded or live, to AS220’s social media. Streaming Sessions are recorded twice a week and airing on our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channels once a week. 

These performances shared online are an extension of our venues’ “unjuried and uncensored” mission— meaning any local performer is welcome to participate. The stream is free for anyone to access and we include a donation link on the video. Donations are split 50% to performers and 50% to the venue. 

To get an idea of what a Streaming Session looks like, check out our YouTube playlist of every session so far below (hover and click the “playlist” icon at top right of video to scroll through sets)!

 If you are interested in setting up a Streaming Session, please email!

Guidelines for Streaming Sessions:

  • Options for limited audience, or no audience! Performers choice.
  • Masks must be worn when not performing.
  • Social distance of 6+ feet must be maintained at all times.
  • 10 person attendance limit for performers + recording crew (2-3). This means any one in attendance MUST be performing or crew. No unaffiliated people or friends are permitted to be in the venue. We ask for a performer list with contact information in advance.
  • Thorough AV check necessary. This means performers must be on time! Load-in / check specifics handled on a show by show basis, but will generally be 2-3 hours prior to showtime. Load in is typically at 5:00 pm.
  • Single artist streaming ‘sessions’ are encouraged, with a featured artist performing a longer set. If someone envisions a multi-performer event with more than 10 people this must be done by recording separate sessions and then editing sets together.
  • Artists are encouraged to bring their own microphone whenever possible. Sharing microphones between artists is not permitted.
The Unmen