Stink Tank

The Stink Tank was a group of writers that met on an irregular, ad hoc basis to create collaborative essays and policy opinions. The Stink Tank was AS220’s alternative to insitiutional thinktanks and ran from 2005 to 2006. Participants were: Umberto Crenca, Meagen Grundberg, Megan Hall, J. Hogue, Matt Obert, Rachel Pleasants, and Tom Sgouros.

The Stink Tank incarnation had four areas of focus: Urban Development, Education Reform, Cooperative Ventures, and Intellectual Property. The group created two significant projects:

  1. A forum series called “The Select Committees of the House of Unrepresentatives”
  2. A collaborative essay called “Compost and the Arts”, available for view below.

AS220 Stink Tank: Compost & the Arts by AS220 News on Scribd