Spotlighting Exhibiting Artist Alexander Morris

Spotlighting Exhibiting Artist Alexander Morris

AS220 is pleased to present a spotlight on current exhibiting artist Alexander Morris. Alexander Morris’s exhibition “Listen” will be on display at the AS220 MAIN Gallery June 8th-27th, 2020.

Unfortunately we will not be hosting an Opening Reception for this months exhibitions nor public gallery hours. If interested in viewing the exhibitions or inquiring artwork(s) please contact the Gallery Director (

Enjoy some words from Morris about their artwork and exhibition… “My process explores the confluence of tangible and intangible constructs within this mortal existence:  constructs such as chaos and order, passion and logic, and the symbiosis between raven and wolf, body and spirit. In these pairings there is balance only when – metaphysically, metaphorically or primordially – they Listen to one another.

These concepts are manifested through layering, obliterating, then re-iterating line and figurative form. Coupled with the transition between very wet and very dry paint and mediums, it creates history, texture, and an emotional charge. I weave throughout my work lines of what could in one instance be text yet in another a massive conspiracy of ravens. I use this visual language as a link between the various relationships I have mentioned; to me it is like a legend on a map or a key that opens the door between two spaces, creating a conduit of communication.

Like old documents, manuscripts, and illuminated texts are compositionally attractive, there is a tangible sense of place and history. There is also an intangible expression of significance when standing back and simply appreciating the knowledge base it took to craft them. I infuse my paintings with these ubiquitous constructs and this intangible history, asking the viewer one simple request:  to Listen.