Space Travel on a Thursday: An electronic musical trip, paired with sci-fi projections provided by the Arkham Film Society. It’s tonight! Get cosmic.

Astral Projectile (PVD)- Thumping and pumping, with a touch of noise. DANGER! Will Robbinson, DANGER!

Tarot Sync (Fitchburg)Giant modular, with 2 apegiators set for light speed.

Aether Chroma (Bos) Beautiful alien secenery, with neon clowds of dust.

John Trudeau (Sutton MA) – Big sound scapes with iconic synth solos to help charge your lasers.

Joe-Lou (PVD) Presents: Thrasher in Space! (5min quickie live score)

+ A one time only live film score by a Providence Sci-Fi supergroup, featuring members of Watermelon, Goon Planet and Dog Hospice!

It’s only $5, so try not to hurl under 0 gravity.