Soda Social – Saturday, December 29th

PVD Soda Club’s “Soda Socials” are for soda enthusiasts looking to have a splendid ole’ time with likeminded health un-conscious people. Deep friendships are born through carbonated beverages. Each soda social has a different theme. This month’s theme is “New England Regional.” Soda companies throughout New England will be represented at the Social with FREE SAMPLES, including BOYLAN’S, YACHT CLUB, SIMPSON SPRING, MAINE ROOT, SQUAMSCOT BEVERAGES, POLAR, MOXIE, ADIRONDACK, FOXON PARK, CASTLE.. There will also be information about these cool soda companies you may or may not have heard of! Drink local. Drink non-corporate. We will be asking attendees to grade sodas on a F to A+ scale. The feedback will be used for the Soda-zine that we are compiling. There will also be entertainment including soda-themed video games, videos and movies, readings, and live bands!


Saturday, December 29th at 7pm, 95 Empire Black Box