Date: Thursday, January 26th, 2017
Contact: David Dvorchak, AS220 Communications Director, / 401-831-9327 x121


On the afternoon of Monday, January 23rd, AS220 received a complaint from Mr. Keith Oliveira, Chief Operating Officer of the Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College, about a sign reading “FUCK! TRUMP” that was placed in the window of a private residence on the third floor AS220’s Mercantile Block building at 131 Washington Street in downtown Providence. The sign directly faces the school located across the street.

An AS220 Property Manager let Mr. Oliveira know that his complaint would be relayed to the tenant of that apartment unit, but that it is not a policy of AS220 to ask tenants to remove items from their windows. His concerns were indeed conveyed to that individual.

Shortly thereafter, the resident of the apartment unit removed their sign under their own volition. However, as of Tuesday morning, that sign, or one like it, is now being displayed in another residential unit on the third floor of the Mercantile Block.

AS220 supports the right of our residents and tenants to freedom of speech, as guaranteed in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

While AS220 will defend the right of our residents and tenants to express their opinions freely, this defense should not be taken, by any party, as an endorsement by AS220 of any messages, opinions, or actions put forth by our residents or tenants. AS220 does not endorse the message “FUCK! TRUMP”.

AS220 will relay any complaints to the appropriate resident or tenant. It is up to them to respond, or not. AS220 will not divulge the identity or contact information of any of our residents or tenants, unless legally compelled to do so.

AS220 currently houses a total of 54 private residents, 6 work studio tenants, 6 commercial business tenants, and 2 non-profit tenants, all of whom rent space from us in our Empire Street complex, Mercantile Block, and Dreyfus building.

AS220 currently offers four affordable and open to the public introductory workshops to three different printing processes. By taking Introduction to Silkscreen, Introduction to Letterpress, Introduction to Offset Printing, or Introduction to Silkscreen: One-Day Intensive, participants will learn how to print their own message, perhaps on a sign. Responsibility for the message lies solely with its creator, or person displaying it.