Screenprinting for Kids and Teens!

Hey kids and teens (and parents)!
Have you ever wanted to design your own t-shirt or print cool cards and stationery?  Learn how to do so in these great workshops!
Students will learn the process of screen printing, designing and printing their own greeting cards on a variety of colorful papers. Screen printing will be introduced as a way of printing original drawings or designs onto both fabric and paper, and students will come away from this workshop with merchandise of their own creation, which may include t-shirts, bags, pillowcases and even hats! This course provides a two week introduction to silkscreen printing. Participants will learn the basics of the photo-emulsion process, a variety of ways to make positives, as well as registration and printing methods.

Instructor: Kara Dunne

Kara Dunne is a printmaker, performance and video artist from Vermont, now with a home base in Providence.  Dunne earned her MFA from RISD, and has been utilizing the amazing print facilities at AS220 in order to continue her printmaking work, developing several wallpaper projects as well as an artist book in the near future.