Saturnalia: AS220 at Candita Clayton Gallery

“3 Places at Once” by K. Lenore Sin

AS220 at Candita Clayton Gallery
(Hope Artiste Village 999 Main St. Unit #105 Pawtucket)
Opening Reception
Friday December 7th, 6-9 PM
Astrid, Stacy Benben, Beth Brandon, Amanda Burgess, Umberto Crenca, Susan Clausen, Andy Davis, Nick Carter, Mollie Deerkin, Steve Duque, Jacqueline Frole, Ian Gaudreau, Lara Henderson, Anna Kaziunas France, Scott Lapham, Rosemary Marchetta, Povilas Mecys, Adj Marshall, Francoise McAree, Gaby Mollinedo, Aaron Peterman, Gianna Rodriguez, Leigh Waldron -Taylor, K. Lenore Siner, Shey Rivera Rios, Sarah Quenon and more!

PLUSĀ  Opening Night Performances with Leigh Hendrix and Cyrus Leddy with live music by James Rutter and Friends