RORY RAVEN lands in the Empire Black Box!

Two Nights Only

Friday, July 26 & Saturday, July 27!

Rory Raven will read your mind, bend your spoon, and leave you talking about it for the rest of your life. This amazing performance updates the vaudeville mentalists and stage psychics of yesteryear for a modern audience. With a quick wit and a showman’s flair, he seems to accomplish the impossible right in front of you. To see the show is to become part of it, as not everything is a test of Rory’s abilities, but sometimes yours as well. He remains a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal – he insists he is not psychic, but you might not be so sure.

“A mind-reading, spoon-bending good time.” Newport Daily News

“A mind-reading act that was quite a fascinating head-scratcher.” The Providence Phoenix.

Nota bene: This will be Rory’s last Providence appearance for a while, so this is something of a farewell performance. See him now before he … disappears.

Tickets are a mere $10 — but say that magic word “WOBBLY” and get a $3 discount!