Residence@95: Elizabeth Keiser’s Perversion Incognito

Residence@95: Elizabeth Keiser’s Perversion Incognito
June 27-30 @ 95 Empire Black Box
$8-$10 sliding

“It’s not my libido, it’s my mind.”  Have you ever had innocent thoughts that seemed lascivious to the bystander nearest?  The epic story of Laura Thomas will exonerate any guilt or ill will to the general public for any misinterpretations, ignorance, or just general unkindness that you’ve ever exhibited due to your own general uneducation.

Perversion Incognito travels from Laura’s earliest efforts to learn about the birds and the bees and catapults music, poetry, and laughter toward true knowledge. With references to public education, the concept of teachers who do not like children, but mostly, a fired up mission to laugh at what hurts us the most, Perversion Incognito was the RISCA Merit and played at the Westbank and Catch a Rising Star in New York City, as well as at Stitches Comedy Club and the Carriage House in Providence.