Q+A with Lauren Scotto

Q+A with Lauren Scotto

Lauren Scotto – Spring Reverie

AS220 Galleries is excited to present a short Q+A with Lauren Scotto who is presenting their exhibition titled “Memory & Landscape” at The AS220 Reading Room Gallery which is on view August 6th through August 27th. Lauren Scotto also has artworks for sale on AS220 Galleries online shop which can be found here. A Gallery Reception for their exhibition will be held on Saturday August 6th 5-7PM. Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday 1-5PM, Masks are optional. Email Neal.walsh@as20.org for inquiries, appointments and gallery tours. For more information about Lauren Scotto, check out their website here.

You have an upcoming exhibition at AS220’s Reading Room:  Is there anything that you are particularly excited to be showing? 

My most current body of work is titled “Dreamscapes”.  As a nature lover living in a city, I often find myself torn between my love and interest in the two contrasting worlds.  This recent body of work explores the juxtaposition of two unlike or opposite worlds fitted into one landscape.  In each painting, the meshing scapes attempt to evoke a dreamlike quality, exploring themes such as barriers, finding hope and beauty in a concrete world, and nature versus man.

Can you describe any similarities or differences with your artwork in the Flat-File compared to your current artwork that you will be showing in your upcoming exhibition?

Most if not all of my work is inspired by places and spaces and the feelings of nostalgia and solitude connected with them.  Same goes for the flat-file work.

Lauren Scotto – The Divide

Has the COVID-19 pandemic changed or impacted your practice as a visual artist, and if so, how?

I’m not sure if it changed anything, but I feel incredibly grateful to have had that outlet during quarantine.  During the time where all you could do was stay inside or be outside in nature was ideal for me as a painter.  My main income is from teaching, so the pandemic did not impact my practice in a negative way.

What inspires your art making process? What artists are inspiring you at this moment in time?

It all comes back to nature for me.  Nothing moves and inspires me more than moments found in nature.  Landscapes can make me feel an incredible feeling of peace, hope and humility, and trying to convey that on canvas or paper is the goal.  Currently, I am most inspired by British painter Hester Berry.  The mark making, energy and light in her work is what I strive for artistically right now.

Do you have a favorite art material and/or mediums that you use ?

All 2-d media.

Where do you make your art? Do you have a studio? What would be your dream studio or workspace?

That depends on the season.  I have a studio space in my home that I spend a lot of time in during the winter months.  In the spring and summer, my studio becomes outdoors, and I often use a sketchbook for portability.  Honestly, I love my little studio space, but a running sink and more storage would make it a dream.