Wednesday, June 14th – Saturday, June 17th
Visiting Thahab – videos by Nabeela Vega –  on view at the “Cabinet of Curiousities” (outside AS220)
Originally from Dhaka Bangladesh, artist Nabeela Vega migrated to Virginia four days before September 11th, 2001 at the age of eleven. Experiences following this event are what fuel their interest in the orientalist/anti-orientalist lens and notions of the other. Vega explores practices that go beyond the veil within the context of a digital realm and how notions of the other & queer experiences translate in such mediums. Visiting Thahab is a study of the Muslim woman’s presence as an object in contemporary, domestic and foreign spaces. The purpose is to observe and excogitate on the identity of a Muslim American woman in the post 9/11 South Asian diaspora. Curated by J.R. Uretsky

Wednesday, June 14th, 10:30 PM / $6 – AS220 Black Box Theatre (95 Empire St)
The Others: Political Wasteland Queer Drag Show
A multimedia drag commentary probing the current political climate. Featuring Ally P Sha, Complete Destruction, Onyx, Crystal, Farrah Foxx, Jordan Mayhèm, Naomi Chomski, Xanax, Sarah Palegic, Yolandi Fizzure

Friday, June 16th, 9 PM / $6 – AS220 Main Stage (115 Empire St)
Don’t Queer the Reaper
Queer Punk night Featuring Bed Death, Husbands, Strap-On Ritual, and Cathy Cathodic

Thursday, June 15th, 7:30 PM / $5 / $1 for 19 and under – AS220 Main Stage
Providence Poetry Slam *Queer Arts Fest Edition* featuring Oom Pa!
Come to ProvSlam on Thursday, June 15th for a very special Queer Arts Fest edition of our show! We will still be having an open mic, but ask that folks give space & priority to those with queer identities. We will also be hearing from vendors who will be selling books at the QTZ Fest 2017!, as well a feature set of poems from none other than Oom Pa, the current Women of The World Slam Champion from Boston, MA! It’s going to be a very magical night!

Saturday June 17th, 12 – 5 PM / Free – AS220 Black Box Theatre
Queer/Trans Zine Fair
Queer/Trans Zinefest (QTZ) is a small works fair celebrating the creations of queer, trans, and gender non-conforming artists. QTZ Fest is organized by a group of queer artists and teachers currently residing in Providence. This is the first year of the fest and we look forward to organizing future events.

Saturday, June 17, 4 – 5 PM / Free – AS220 Main Stage
Moderated Discussion on Queer Futures and Night Life

What does it mean to use nightlife as a vehicle for social change? How do the dance floor and LGBTQ and QPOC Activism intersect? What are the challenges and unexpected benefits of working between “regular art practice” and working in nightlife? How do new of forms of performance art/partying help manifest a new type of queer present in the future? Join interdisciplinary artists The Illustrious Blacks, DJ wacklikethat, Marc Boucai, and VK Preston

Saturday, June 17th, 5 PM / $6 – $10 sliding scale – AS220 Black Box Theatre
Be/Longing 3.0 QPOC Variety Show
Be/longing is a performance show featuring multiple artists from diverse mediums. Its curated by Ronald Lewis and Shey Rivera.

Saturday, June 17th,10 PM / Free – AS220 Main Stage
Queer Arts Festival Dance Party
featuring beats by DJ wacklikethat and The Illustrious Blacks