Community Access to Printmaking #AS220Printlottery

Community Access to Printmaking #AS220Printlottery

All through September AS220 presents the AS220 Print Lottery, our biennial fundraiser in support of the creative community of the AS220 Industries, our multidisciplinary maker space.

The AS220 Industries is a cluster of community workspaces and resources -including a printshop, fabrication lab, media arts studio, and darkroom- that offers affordable, project-based, experiential learning. By providing access to studio space, tools of the trade, and varied training opportunities, AS220 Industries fosters a diverse and dynamic environment for learning and making in digital fabrication, printmaking, and media arts. With our democratic and hands-on approach, students are encouraged to engage in peer-to-peer learning and teaching as they explore, create, and innovate.

By supporting the AS220 Print Lottery you are contributing so that new generations of creative people can realize their projects and incubate their small businesses. Hundreds of artists have made amazing work, started their own creative businesses, and contributed to the growth of this multi-faceted program. And it makes such a big difference when you can support others having access to these opportunities and spaces that are so critical for creating work.

AS220 Labs

AS220 Industries Pop-Up Gallery Show // On 233 Westminster St., Providence, RI. Don’t miss it! To support, buy a $100 Print Lottery ticket. We’ve got 100 tickets to raffle 100 prints by our extensive community of prolific artists! The raffle event will take place on Sep 28, 6-8pm at the pop-up space. Come hang out!

Special Edition Prints // Get some cool perks as a way of us saying “THANK YOU!”. Featuring some amazing LIMITED EDITION prints by artists Allison Bianco, Jacque Bidon, Allyson Church, and up and coming designers designers Lizzy $our, Mister DIABLO, and DEADZEST. Donate to our online fundraiser on and pick your print!

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Your contribution helps us ensure that the AS220 Industries remain open, affordable, and accessible for all people to realize their full creative potential.

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Artists+Works featured in the AS220 Print Lottery

Here’s a cool video fly through of the AS220 Industries spaces with a go-pro camera placed on a small drone made at the AS220 Labs!

 printlottery poster