One Brown Suitcase: A Performance

One Brown Suitcase: A Performance


Norlan Olivo presents One Brown Suitcase: A Performance, in conjunction with his exhibit at the AS220 Project Space on Thursday March 22nd starting at 6p.m.


One Brown Suitcase

For the most part, my childhood in The Bronx is broken up into a couple of significant events and memories lined with inklings of hope, a new beginning, the start of a new life and the end of another. Old pictures much like memories have the ability to take us back to a place and time, a specific moment that while we get a glimpse of, we don’t have access to and for the matter, never might have had access to begin with. Recently I discovered all of what my mother has left of the time she spent In The Bronx and my childhood there. My sister’s baby shower. A family party. My fifth birthday; my mothers journey to America; literal glimpses at a history that is many times only explained through one image. All of that history loosely packed in one brown suitcase.


Norlan Lu)