New Toys!

New Toys!

AS220 Labs has a new addition to their collection of tools: a brand-new Shapeoko milling machine. We won the machine in a national competition by Inventables, a supply store for the artistically and technologically minded. The company selected an organization in each state for the prize, and they chose AS220 to represent Rhode Island.

The machine runs on a computer numerical control design, where computer software controls the movements of the blade. Basically, it’s a robot arm that cuts wood. If this wasn’t handy enough, the Shapeoko’s size makes it particularly welcome in the LABS—in between the smaller milling machine and the larger Shop Bot downstairs, it is ideal for medium-sized projects and molds.

Shawn Wallace of AS220 LABS and his intern, Max, have just finished assembling the machine, a task that took about fifteen hours, and, according to Max, was somewhat straightforward. The process included 3D printing a case for the electrical components of the machine and brackets to stabilize the blade. The software has yet to be set up, but Shawn and Max are looking forward to trying it out—and we can’t wait to see all the cool stuff they make with it.

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Video by Chris Anderson / Music by Chris Hampson