New May Gallery Exhibits

New May Gallery Exhibits

L to R : S. Dager | J. Navarro-Robles | J. Summers | Kego | Courtsey of James Lastowski for the 1000 Paper Crane Project

IN THE GALLERIES | MAY 6-29th, 2021

Appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday, & Chance

ABORN GALLERY 95 Empire St. | 2nd Floor
Revolution Garden | AS220 Youth Visuals

Portrait by Allam, part of the exhibit “Revolution Garden” by AS220 Youth Visuals

AS220 PROJECT SPACE 93 Mathewson St.
Before It Gets Dark | Jose Navarro- Robles

Photograph by Jose Navarro-Robles from Yellowstone National Park, 2020.

RESIDENT GALLERY 131 Washington St.
Finding A Fox And Offering It Flowers | Jillian Summers

Sunflower, screen-print by Jillian Summers at the AS220 Resident Gallery

AS220 MAIN GALLERY 115 Empire St.
A Dissimulation | Sara Dager

“A Crookedness” , mixed media on canvas by Sara Dager

The 1000 Paper Cranes Project | Christine Peterson

“1000 Cranes Project” organized by Christine Peterson as a commitment to stand against anti-Asian violence.