New FLAT-FILE PROJECT photographic artwork by Ken Moran!

New FLAT-FILE PROJECT photographic artwork by Ken Moran!

AS220 Galleries is ecstatic to announce new amazing photographic prints through our AS220 Flat-File project, by Rhode Island based photographer Ken Moran!

“My work as an artist has always been drawn to the abstract and surreal.  To me, the chaos and combination of seemingly unrelated images are representative of the world we have created.”


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“The surreal images I create are also based on a concept or theme. However, these images are more specific in their focus as I have a general statement in mind when constructing them.”


Ken Moran explains his career as an artist as “Like many artists and people in creative fields my career as an artist has not been a linear progression.  And, like many artists, my professional career has been a means to support my career as an artist. However, in my professional career, I have been fortunate to be able to work in places where creativity is a requirement for the job. My professional life began as an art teacher in an elementary school then, for practical reasons, I became recertified in technology education (formally known as Industrial Arts – shop class).  I focused on graphic arts and wood working because I saw creative design as a large part of their foundation and a greater connection to art in general. As I’ve stated my career path has not been linear thus, after a few years teaching graphic arts in the shop department, I took about a fifteen-year hiatus from education, working in a variety of jobs from doing paste-ups in a greeting card company to finish carpenter.  I returned to education and taught cabinet making for ten years, finally moving back into the art department where I have developed and implemented the current graphic design and digital photography curriculum. I continue to teach digital photography and graphic design.” – Words curtesy of the artist


“Much of my earliest work was in watercolor and collage with a stylistic foundation in surrealism. My earliest work as a (film) photographer attempted to capture the abstract nature of what I saw.”


“Digital photography and in a broader view, digital imagery, allows me to record the world I see and deconstruct the chaos.  Through the deconstructing process I can examine each facet and understand its nature and value. The abstract images I produce attempt to reconstruct the world I see based on the inherent order found in any concept or theme.  In a sense, my work is a view of order in a chaotic world. All the images I use, either for my abstractions or surrealist work, are my own.”