Necronomicon takes over 95 Empire!

Necronomicon Providence has taken up residence in the 95 Empire Black Box, how fitting! They’ll be bringing you an astounding array of Lovecraft-related movies for the duration of their stay that you do NOT want to miss!

Admission is $3 for any of these screenings, all ages, and 21+ to drink the adult beverages that will be available!

More details and descriptions can be found here and be sure to visit their website to see everything that this amazing convention has to offer you!

Thursday, August 22nd

4pm – HP Lovecraft Film Festival Greatest Hits
10pm – The Whisperer in Darkness
Midnight – Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

Friday, August 23rd

5pm – The Thing on the Doorstep & The Curse of Yig.
Midnight – Cthulhu Mansion.

Saturday, August 24th

6pm – HP Lovecraft Film Festival Greatest Hits
Midnight – Psychedelic Lovecraft

Sunday, August 25th

5:30pm – TranscendentThe Earth Rejects Him,
The Shunned House, and Stay At Home Dad.