Murmurations Community Tarot Project Now Available

Murmurations Community Tarot Project Now Available

We are thrilled to announce an incredible collaborative fundraising effort by our artist community … all in support of AS220! Click here to buy.

Over 80 artists with deep connections to AS220 from all around the city, the country and the world have come together to reimagine one card each from the tarot. Every card is a unique piece of art; together, they form a mesmerizing collection that supports the movement building work of AS220. Sales of the deck will help AS220 continue to provide all Rhode Island artists affordable access to AS220’s galleries, performance venues, educational opportunities, residential spaces, and work studios.

The tarot deck is called “Murmurations”. LUMUKU, a resident at AS220 and brainchild of the project, says: “Starlings fly together just before dusk in remarkable, ever-changing formations called murmurations. Just as starlings move together through space and time to create something larger than themselves, the Murmurations tarot deck was made.”

On his inspiration for the project, LUMUKU says: “I’ve been a member of the Printshop for over ten years now and I’ve met a lot of incredible people. It’s been strange not sharing physical space but luckily it’s also been a time full of reflection. When this idea came to me, it felt like a wonderful way for people to come together again.”

AS220 wishes to thank LUMUKU for being the creative mind that sparked and lovingly coordinated this project; José Ato Menéndez and Tatiana Gómez Gaggero for helping bring it to fruition with their card back design, layout, and packaging work; Larry Zagorsky for fabricating the exhibit displays; and the over 80 artists who generously contributed art! AS220 is so humbled by the love these artists have for AS220 and our creative community — we thank them so much for their amazing generosity and support!

AS220 is so humbled by the love these artists have for AS220 and our creative community — we thank them so much for their amazing generosity and support!

Decks will be available to pre-order from Monday, April 19th until Wednesday, May 19th, 2021. Please allow at least one month for decks to be produced and shipped after the pre-order period has ended. We thank you in advance for your patience!

Each deck costs $40 and is available to be picked up locally at the AS220 Project Space Gallery (93 Mathewson Street, Providence RI 02903), or can be shipped for an additional $8 shipping and handling fee. Orders of multiple decks and international orders will require additional shipping and handling fees; please contact Galleries Director, Neal Walsh, at before ordering.

Photos of each card in the deck can be viewed here:

Original artwork from the Murmurations tarot deck is currently on display at the Project Space Gallery. Visits by appointment only, contact Neal at to check it out!

Participating Artists:

Ape & Bird, Kate Aitchison, Nadine Almada, José Ato Menéndez, Mary Aveno, Duygu Aytaç, Allison Bianco, Jacques Bidon and Angela Smith, Ken Borge, Beth Brandon, Harrison Bucy, DANGERTAM, Hernán Darío Jourdan, Becci Davis, Heléna Dupre Thompson, Madison Emond, Michael Ezzell, Lily Feliz, Jeremy Ferris, Joshua Fingerle, Cosette Fix, Linda Ford, Tatiana Gómez Gaggero, Carey Good, Julia Gualtieri, Lois Harada, Lara Henderson, Brian Hennessy, Adam Hogue, Sounion Hong, Huáscar, Ian J. G. Cozzens, Aisha Jandosova, Kego, Shannon Kennelly, Natalja Kent, Susanna Kim Koetter, Keri King, Aaron L Peterman, Andre Lee Bassuet, Hannah Liongoren, Ruby Lopez, LUMUKU, Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez, Bing Machine (Jule Schlag), Rosemary Marchetta, Xander Marro, Walker Mettling, melissa meyer + amanda soule, Sarina Mitchel, Anjel Newmann, Alison Nitkiewicz, Ian O’Neil, Norlan Olivo, Andrea Pérez Bessin, Phachari Phomsouvannady, Jess Reyes, Shey Rivera Ríos, Joshua Rodriguez, Jack San Souci, Joseph Sands, Jordan Seaberry, Julie Sharpe, Chase Smith, Anna Snyder, Nadya Sotski, neal t walsh, Salina Ting, Hilary Treadwell, Raúl Velasquez, Kevin Veronneau, Leigh Waldron-Taylor, Joan Wyand, Jeffrey Yoo Warren, Ysanel, Zabi, Pippi Zornoza