Movies in the Black Box!

Movies in the Black Box!

July is a good month for chilling out in an air conditioned room watching cool movies. So that’s what we’re doing a lot of this July at 95 Empire. Here’s a look at some of our screenings over the next few weeks…

July 12 ,11:45
Midnight Movie Night: MUNCHIE!
The ever hungry and funny Munchie is back in this sequel to “Munchies”.

July 15th, 8pm
Night of the Living Dead
Undying classic on 16mm!

July 19th, 10pm
The Crowbocop!
A¬†screening of Robocop and The Crow… AT THE SAME TIME.

July 27, 9pm
Local Video Night
This month we feature Chrissy Jones, Carlos Gonzales and Matt Underwood!

July 30, 9pm
Frank Difficult Presents
It’s the return of Frank Difficult! Oh the horror!