MEGA-listing of upcoming workshops at AS220 Industries!

Hey community, Industries Education Manager Sara Inacio has been hard at work booking all of these workshops that utilize practically every resource at the Industries, it’s a real thing of beauty. Check ’em out!

AS220 offers needs-based scholarships for all of our workshops – we believe that everyone deserves access to arts education, and focus on centering marginalized communities and those who have had barriers accessing these resources. If you are in need of financial assistance to attend our workshops, please fill out this scholarship application before registering for a workshop, and we will get back to you at least one week prior to the workshop session.
We also offer a 25% discount for BIPoC folks. Please use the discount code BIPOC25 when registering to a workshop to access this discount!

PRINTSHOP (and etc.)

Intro to Cyanotype Printing

August 16th & 23rd / September 25th

Otherwise known as sunprints (though we don’t need the sun when we have a UV exposure unit!), cyanotype is a contact printing method, which means the negative, or whatever other material you choose to use, is placed directly onto sensitized paper or fabric, leaving behind a positive print. Learn how to prep the materials needed to treat fabric and paper and come away with a notebook, a tea towel, and several prints by the end of this 2 session workshop. 

Beginner Silkscreen: Weeknight Sessions

September 6th & 13th / October 12th & 19th / November 2nd & 9th / November 22nd & 29th

Screenprinting is a versatile process that’s ideal for making prints, posters, coasters, greeting cards, stationery, and more. Your instructor will help you gain the skills you need to confidently plan and execute your next project. This will include making your design into an acetate, coating and exposing a screen, and the printing process.

Etching in Sin: How to make a graven image

September 10th, 17th, & 24th / November 13th, 20th, & 27th

This workshop introduces participants to some of the foundational techniques, history and contemporary uses of intaglio printmaking. Participants will create three small intaglio plates using techniques of drypoint, aquatint and etching, the basic techniques required for further exploration of the medium. 

Intro to Letterpress: Polymer Plates

September 14th, 18th & 22nd

This workshop will cover the old and new uses of the letterpress using light-sensitive polymer plates to print on our Vandercook press. You will leave this workshop with a working knowledge of press operation including inking the press, pressure and roller height adjusting, registration, feeding paper through the press, and cleaning the press. 

Beginner Silkscreen: Weekend Sessions

September 17th & 24th / October 1st & 8th / November 12th & 19th

Screenprinting is a versatile process that’s ideal for making prints, posters, coasters, greeting cards, stationery, and more. Your instructor will help you gain the skills you need to confidently plan and execute your next project. This will include making your design into an acetate, coating and exposing a screen, and the printing process.

Creative Organic Fabric Dyeing

September 28th / October 26th / November 30th

Do you have old white T-shirts that are worn and stained, but you can’t give them up? Do you want to create some cool art that is environmentally friendly? This workshop familiarizes students with basic fabric Shibori dyeing techniques. Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that involves folding, bunching, bundling, or binding fabric, and dyeing it with indigo or other organic dyes. The results are diverse color patterns and lines that are both geometric and organic.

Color for Every Practice 1

October 11th, 18th, & 25th

Are you interested in deepening your understanding of color or looking to learn the basics and how to apply it to your own creative practice? This introductory workshop will kick-start your use of color to communicate expressively and create moods, for personalization and branding. Furthermore, this workshop introduces color as a subject and a concept. It starts with fundamentals and quickly moves on to learning recipes and combinations which will support your artistic goals.

Alternative Letterpress Printing

October 16th, 23rd, & 30th

Ready to try some new techniques on the letterpress? Learn about non-traditional ways to make images on the Vandercook press. Learn experimental printmaking techniques on the Vandercook, including pressure printing, Lego tile relief printing and lasercut woodblock prints. Students will come away with a wide variety of prints with small editions of posters, postcards and zines to keep or share. This workshop has a prerequisite of Intro to Letterpress.

Intro to Offset Lithography

November 12th, 19th, & 26th

Colorful zines, single-page artists’ books, posters, flyers, and more can all be created in large quantities using our offset press. The first class will be spent in the Media Arts Lab using the Adobe Creative Suite to turn your ideas into formatted files ready for the press. You will then learn how to run the ABDick 9850 Offset Press – a commercial press capable of creating hundreds of prints in a matter of minutes. Finishing processes will be covered including using our pneumatic folding machine, using our saddle stitch stapler, and trimming on the guillotine cutter.

Screen Printing & Alternative Materials

November 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

Did you know you can silkscreen on just about any flat surface? Learn to screen print on alternative surfaces such as metal, wood and glass! This workshop is great for both beginners as well as proficient screen printers who would like to learn new techniques. 

Intro to the ShopBot: Digital Woodworking

September 1st & 8th / October 18th & 25th / November 23rd & 30th

This workshop is for anyone interested in using a CNC router for digital fabrication.The course covers an introduction to the ShopBot, Computer-Aided Design software to design projects for the machine, creation of 2D tool paths for the machine using VCarve Pro, and basic machine operation and safety. You will learn how to safely operate the machine on your own, so that you may use the machine independently after completing the training and signing up for membership. 

Intro to Laser and Vinyl CutterSeptember 3rd & 10th / October 4th & 11th / November 9th & 16th

Get certified to laser-cut wood, plastics, papers or textiles on the Epilog Mini AND learn how to use the vinyl cutter to make stickers and signs! This class will cover the basics of using the laser and vinyl cutter safely, techniques for working with different materials, and software tools for preparing work for the cutters.

Woodshop Workshop: Frame Making

September 3rd / October 8th / October 12th / November 8th / November 26th

Spend a lot on frames? Learn to make a simple frame for your work! You will leave this single session workshop with a finished frame and basic woodworking skills. We will cover how to make deep and flat frames using V-nails, turn buttons and various woodshop tools. This will include cutting, finishing, and hardware, but will not be covering matting.  You’ll be able to customize your frame size with the options of a small frame (9x12in) or large frame (18x24in).   

Introduction to the 35mm Camera

October 22nd

Learn all the basics of how to shoot using the manual controls of your 35mm film camera, including understanding the basics of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and how to use your camera’s light meter. We will also cover the basics of focus, focal length, depth of field, and using your camera’s shutter speed to create different effects with fast-moving moving subjects. Students will leave this workshop with one shot/exposed roll of film and a better understanding of the manual functions of their 35mm film camera.

Intro to Film Processing

October 29th

Learn how to process your own black and white negative film. We will cover how the process works, what steps and chemicals are involved and then process your film together. No prerequisites or previous experience required, just be sure to bring a roll of black and white film you’ve already shot with you. Students will leave this workshop with one roll of negatives, a clear understanding of the steps and chemicals involved, and a handout outlining the process for future reference. 

Intro to Darkroom: Printing Your Negatives

November 5th

Learn how to make prints from black and white film negatives in AS220’s darkroom! From mixing chemicals to understanding enlargers, gain a hands-on introduction to traditional black and white photo printing. Shooting and processing film are covered in separate workshops. Students will leave the workshop with a finished contact sheet, one or more finished print(s), and a deeper understanding of darkroom printing.


Procreate for Beginners

October 11th, 18th & 25th

Have you wanted to try digital art but don’t know where to start? Procreate is an affordable and accessible software with various tools to get you started! This class is aimed at beginners who may not know where to start but people seeking more experience will receive tips and tricks that will further their skill set and allow them to get to work with a brand new polish. 

SketchUP for Artists

November 2nd, 9th, & 16th

This class introduces participants to basic 3D modeling in the unique environment of SketchUp. Sessions will start with exercises to build simple shapes to exact dimensions and angles, use of “snapping,” and will include basic model styling. No SketchUp experience necessary, but please bring a 2-button mouse with a scroll wheel if you have one.