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MEET THE ARTISTS | Saturday December 4th from 1-4pm at the gallery. *Masks Required*

AS220 Galleries is excited to announce that Carol Scavotto & Vera Gierke will host a soft opening for their new exhibitions “Boundaries” and “A Collage Fe(a)st” at the AS220 Project Space Gallery (93 Mathewson St, 02903) this Saturday December 4th 1PM-4PM. *Masks are required*

L: Carol Scavotto, R: Vera Gierke

AS220 PROJECT SPACE 93 Mathewson St
Boundaries | Carol Scavotto

Carol Scavotto is a visual and performing artist based in Rhode Island. Her decades-long artistic practice has included sculpture, painting, needlework, fine jewelry design, and performance pieces. Her work is both highly autobiographical and deeply relatable. Boundaries is a call to pierce, shatter, and confront that which hold us in restraints.

“We are all confined by arbitrary boundaries set by family, religion and societal influences. YET: Watching a baby chick hatch you witness the struggle as it breaks free from the thin but strong shell. Once free they collapse from exhaustion for several minutes before they begin to experience life free from the boundaries of its egg. AS HUMANS: Our boundaries can be pierced and shattered to confront boundaries that hold us in restraints.” – Carol Scavotto

Carol Scavotto – “Eggs #1″, Oil, 36″x36”, 2015.

A Collage Fe(a)st | Vera Gierke

Vera Gierke, a visual artist based in Providence, discovered a fascination with paper collage, and dedicated her creative process to exploring the medium. Her work is not abstract, rather she looks for a way to make an image or object different than what is expected, to create “A Fanciful View of a Realistic Object” and to entice the viewer to
look at the work more carefully and mindfully.

In speaking about her collages, Vera calls them A Fanciful View of a Realistic Object. She describes them as more than what initially meets the eye. “Something catches my eye, a scene, an image, a photo, and I begin to transform it in my mind into a collage, imagining how I would design the new work, what I would want to incorporate into it, and what I want the new art to express. The collage is made of pieces of paper, chosen not only for color and interest, but also for the relevance and comment that it brings to the collage subject itself. I love taking one form of printed material and converting it into an entirely new image. “ – Words by Vera Gierke

Vera Gierke – “Meet me At Martini”