meet our new development director!

meet our new development director!

We are pleased to announce that Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan has joined the AS220 team our new Development Director!

Delia was raised in Argentina and moved to the United States 28 years ago. During this time she has worked to empower Latinos, immigrants and people of color to move up the pipeline of leadership, education, arts, employment and government. Delia has an impressive track record as a nonprofit and public program manager, community organizer, communication strategist and multicultural coalition builder.

Delia is widely recognized as a community and social justice advocate, fundraiser, a political operative, and strategist. She is also a well-known immigration advocate with a high level of expertise in immigration law. Her connection to the diverse immigrant community has allowed her to connect, engage and assist artists and performers from around the world who live in Rhode Island where she has worked to support them in looking to expand their work, seek funding sources to continue their creative work and assist in organizing their professional portfolio. She recently traveled to Cuba on a couple of artistic related events, and began developing an Artist Exchange program between Cuban and Latino/ Rhode Island Artists.

Delia is also a Spanish radio personality with expertise in non-traditional media and expert in developing outreach strategies to reach and engage diverse communities. She has produced and hosted two weekly radio shows for the past twenty years, which has served as a vehicle for community organizing, storytelling, and education among the Latino and immigrant communities. As a result, Delia is a well-respected and trusted leader among communities of color in Rhode Island.

She has worked in many capacities over the years in both public and non-profit sector, served on many boards and commissions, as well as worked on voter engagement efforts and assisted numerous campaigns and candidates running for office. In addition, Delia is an appointed Commissioner of the Board of Licenses for the City of Providence. She has also served as a member of the Rhode Island Redistricting Commission, as Chair of the Providence School Board Nomination Commission, and as a Board Member of the United Way in Providence, among others.

Delia holds a B.A. from Rhode Island College and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Rhode Island, but is most importantly, she is passionate and a tireless advocate of supporting people to realize their dreams, whatever their dreams may be…..