Media Arts Lecture Series: Whitney Warne

Whitney Warne is a multimedia artist living and working in Rochester, NY.  She will present “Puffery,” a body of work that explores the culturally constructed performance and expected behaviors of the modern female. These video and photography documented durational performances question a female’s relationship with exterior presentation and explores the notion that the body is a place to perform a version of ourselves, rather than be ourselves. Viewers watch as she exposes her façade––examining it and breaking it down in an effort to negotiate self, power, and control.  Tell all your friends you’re attending via the Facebook event and find out more about Warne’s work at This event is FREE!

Tuesday, May 7, 7:30pm at 95 Empire.

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AS220 Media Arts Lecture Series immediately follows the AS220 Industries Open House every first Tuesday of the month at The Mercantile Building on Lucie Way.  Starting at 6pm, visit AS220 Industries– the Community Printshop, Labs, and Media Arts to find out more about workshops, resources, and membership (not to mention just having fun and hanging out).  ***Please note that this month’s lecture will take place at 95 Empire’s Black Box.***Visit to learn more about us.

Event: Media Arts Lecture Series Presents Whitney Warne 
Time: 7:30-8:30PM
Place: The Black Box at 95 Empire
Cost: Free!