Media Arts Lecture Series: Simon Slowinski


Screenshots, Loops, Fragments, Piles. 

This lecture looks into a small slice of emerging computer/Internet based art. As the digital landscape expands, images are generated, appropriated, collected and consumed in an accelerating loop. In such a chaotic environment how do we define and create work of value? Simon Slowinski is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Printmaking, 2011. He lives in Providence, RI and working with both physical and digital materials.
AS220 Media Arts Lecture Series immediately follows the AS220 Industries Open House every first Tuesday of the month at The Mercantile Building on Lucie Way.  Starting at 6pm, visit AS220 Industries– the Community Printshop, Labs, and Media Arts to find out more about workshops, resources, and membership (not to mention just having fun and hanging out). Visit to learn more about us.
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