If there are not spaces currently available that meet your needs, you can contact Susan Clausen to be placed on a work or live studio vacancy alert list:

Attn: Susan Clausen
95 Mathewson Street #204
Providence, RI 02903

or via email to: susan(at);
or phone at: 401-831-9327





There are currently no vacancies at the Dreyfus.

MERCANTILE - 401.831.1240

There are no current vacancies at the Mercantile.




AS220 has one affordable live studio available November 1, 2017 (or possibly earlier) on the communal floor at 115 Empire Street in Providence.

Unit 305 is 245 square feet with built in cabinets and storage and rents for $357 per month. The unit is subsidized and must be your primary residence. Your annual gross income cannot exceed $25,250.

Residents at Empire Street must be committed to a cooperative living structure since you share the floor with 10 other people. Each resident is responsible for 5 hours per month in community service to AS220, respectful use of common facilities, completing assigned/shared chores for the common spaces on the floor, attendance at monthly floor meetings, and a $10 per month kitty contribution for cleaning supplies and various other communal expenses.

No parking included, non-smoking building, no pets are allowed. Single occupancy only.

Applicants must submit a portfolio of their work, 8 weeks of pay stubs, a current statement of savings account balance, and 6 month average checking account balance.

Applications are due by Sunday, September 24th at 12 AM.

All applications materials are available online at:


Send completed application and attached forms to:

attn: Susan Clausen
95 Mathewson Street #204,
Providence RI 02903

or via email to

Contact number 401-743-6434