Screenprint by Mickey Zacchilli that says artist in residence

AS220 Residency 

AS220 houses a communal residential space in our 115 Empire Street Complex. One studio in this communal floor is reserved for a Visiting Artists in Residence pursuing a focused project at AS220. The residency is either one month or two weeks. The artists make use of AS220’s facilities and share their work with our community, inspiring conversation and innovation throughout the city. This is an urban residency in the middle of Downtown Providence. The artists stays in a studio apartment in a floor that houses 11 other artists sharing a communal kitchen and two bathrooms.

AIRs are scheduled VIA INVITATION by one of our staff members, who serve as both the starting point for a potential proposal and a point person for the visiting artist. We do not offer a formal application for our AIR program. We ask the artists for a one-page project proposal that describes why the project should be done at AS220, how it would enhance our creative community, and how the residency will benefit the artist.

Each project must have a public component, which can take the form of an artist talk, a performance, a one-day flash exhibit or another means of sharing the work with the community. We are especially interested in participatory and multi-disciplinary collaborations between visiting artists and the multiple communities that make up Rhode Island’s diverse population.

AS220’s Artist Residency program is currently on hold.



Visiting Artists-in-Residence

AIR 2015

Leslie Rogers //Sculpture Mixed Media // December

Darrell DS Kinsel // October

Mitch Altman // September

Karina Puente // painting and printmaking // July

Kiernan Dunn // printmaker // June

Hannah Thompson // performance art // May

Charlene Wooten // April

Eric Loundy // visual artist // March

Samantha Robinson // painter // January

AIR 2014

Arlee Woodworth // painter

Leah Beeferman // printmaker // February

Deb Berman // participatory arts

Alice Mizrachi // print and installation

John Bonanni // poet

Maite Josune & Tony Kapel // musicians and printmaker

Rob Duarte // film and fabrication

Lauren Schleider // printmaker

James Rutter // fabrication

Benjamin Lundberg // performance art

AIR 2013

Sounion Hong // printmaker & video // South Korea

Ramiro Davaro-Comas // visual artist & illustrator // Argentina

Alex Lukas // printmaker

Kwame Scruggs // Alchemy Inc. // performance and media

Alexis Granwell // printmaker

Marci Washington // visual artist

Neil Salkind // printmaker

Xander Marro // FOO FEST Artist in Residence!

Kate Rushin // poet

Omni Zonafranca (Cuba) // performance & multi-genre // Cuba

Christina DeRoos & Thomas Bell // Spread Art // performance & media

Naomi Sultanik // bookmaking

Photo of Visiting AIR Bobby Rosenstock working at the Printshop

Visiting AIR Bobby Rosenstock working at the Printshop

AIR 2012

Rachel Hamburg

Bobby Rosenstock // printmaker

Diego Gomez (aka Trangela Lansbury) // illustrator & fashion designer

Veronica Orozco

Chaminda Gamage & T.P.G. Amarajeewa (Sri Lanka) // visual artists // Sri Lanka

Danny Floyd // photography

Mollie Goldstrom

Dennis McNett aka Wolfbat Studio // FOO FEST Artist in Residence!

Julianny Ariza (Dominican Republic) // sculptor // Dominican Republic

Javier Hurtado // performance & chicano drag

Chris Fritton // printmaker and performance

Photo of mask making workshop led by former visiting AIR Dennis McNett

Mask Making Workshop led by visiting artist Dennis McNett of Wolfbat Studio during an August 2012 residency
Photo of masked parade and wooden Viking Ship by Dennis McNett and AS220 Industries during Foo Fest 2012

Masked parade and wooden Viking Ship by Dennis McNett in collaboration with AS220 Industries, Foo Fest 2012

AIR 2011

Michael Childress

Charlotte De Sédouy

Lauren Denitzio

Marcella Kroll

Huáscar Robles // photo journalism // Puerto Rico

Corinne Teed

Devin King & Caroline Picard // writers & bookmakers

Reynier Ferrer (Cuba) // abstract painter // Cuba

Tim Kerr

Kyle Bryant

AIR 2010

Angee Lennard (Sputnik Press)

Shaun Slifer & Bec Young (Just Seeds)

Hana Van Der Kolk

Gareth Averill

Colin Matthes of Just Seeds

Jimmie Rodgers

Sanford Kogan & Tamara Waite-Santibanez

Jesjit Gill

Amery Kessler

Photo of piece from residency project "Liberal Arts by William Buzzell

A few of the many library-inspired paintings/sculptures in the “Liberal Arts” series, the product of William Buzzell’s 2009 residency at AS220.

AIR 2009

Daniella Ben-Bassat

Helena Thompson

Francesca Lohmann

Pippin Frisbie-Calder

William Buzzell

Kate Tessa Lee

Erik Ruin (Reuland) // printmaker & shadow puppets

Maia Ibar And Maura Murnane


Chris Gould

Alex Fields

James Mercer

AIR 2008

Nick Fox-Gieg


Anne Elizabeth Moore

Necole Zayatz

Caroline Pequita

Mitch Altman

Mary Tremonte (DJ Mary Mack)

Panayiotis Terzis

Lauren O’Connor

Alison Naturale

AIR 2007

Gary Robbins

Keith Munslow // The Empire Revue ; theater & music

Julia Thompson & Alyssa Berg

Detritus // “Just an Artist/Not an Artist” performance & visual art // Spain

AIR 2006

Scott Seyboldt

Lauren Anderson

Stefan Neville

AIR 2005

Dennis Tyfus

Stefano Pilia

Robert Janitz

Venus Irving Prescott (Camp Cabaret)

AIR 2004

Michelle LeBrun

Jane Philbrick

Mark Kemble

AIR 2002

Garland Farwell

Cynthia Hopkins

AIR 2001

Jim Finnerty

Scotty the Blue Bunny

Jay Critchley

AIR 2000

Rebecca Belmore & Osvaldo Yero

Lynne Yamamoto

Ernesto Pujol

AIR 1999

Luisa Marisol  – RI Cuba Exchange (RICE)

AIR 1994

Donald King