Live/Work @ Empire St

Photo of AS220 Empire Street Complex Empire St Elevation

Residential Studios

The third floor of Empire Street has 12 residential studios that range from 245 sq. ft to 410 sq. ft. Rent for 11 of these spaces runs from $333 to $446, with one studio offered free of charge to an artist visiting AS220 by way of staff invitation. Spaces are leased on an annual basis to artists who qualify for low income housing by earning less than $26,000 annually. Empire Street studios include a private room plus shared kitchen and bath facilities as well as all utilities and basic maintenance. Residential artists at Empire Street must be committed to its cooperative living structure. Every artist who lives at AS220 is responsible for 5 hours per month in community service within AS220, communal chores on Floor 3, attendance at monthly floor meetings and respectful use of common facilities. Every month, a visiting Artist-in-Residence lives and works in a studio on Floor 3 reserved specifically for this purpose.

Work Studios

On the floor below Empire Street’s communal residences, you find a similar community of artists inhabiting the building’s work studios. Three of these studios ranging in size from 140 sq ft to 320 sq ft with rents from $98 to $226 per month, are occupied by active artists from the larger community.

You can learn more about the application process at our Live/Work Page.