Live/work vacancy at the Mercantile

Live/work vacancy at the Mercantile

AS220 is accepting applications for an artist live/work studio available on January 16, 2022, in the Mercantile Block at 131 Washington St in downtown Providence. The unit is 880 square feet and rents for $1,300 per month. The security deposit is $1,300 as well. This studio is one of AS220’s few market-rate units; unlike most of our studios it is not part of a government affordable housing program and there is no need to submit documentation of your income in order to apply. 

Download the Application Form by clicking here. Please ignore question #3 regarding income. Fill out the application form and attach an artistic bio, artistic resume, and samples of your artwork. 

Applications are due by 10am on Wednesday, December 8. Interviews will be conducted during the week of December 13th. Email your completed application to, or drop it off at AS220’s administrative office (95 Mathewson St, Suite 204, Providence) between 10am-5pm on a workday.

Frequently Asked Questions about this vacancy:

What is included in this unit?

The studio has an open floor plan and includes a kitchenette and private bathroom. There are laundry facilities in the building. There is no parking included and it is a non-smoking building. Cats are the only pets allowed in the Mercantile with an extra security deposit of $250. Rent in the Mercantile includes heat, AC and hot water; however, tenants pay their own electric bill.

What benefits and expectations come with being a resident artist at AS220?

Benefits to residents at AS220 include discounted access to workshops and art-making tools in the AS220 Industries, free entrance to most AS220 events, and the opportunity to exhibit work in AS220’s Resident Gallery on the ground floor of the Mercantile. 

Expectations of AS220 residents include paying rent on time each month, respectful use of common facilities, and 5 hours per month in community service to AS220. Note: this community service requirement has been suspended for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who can apply?

We encourage artists of all backgrounds and artistic mediums to apply. At AS220 we believe all people are born creative, that everyone is an artist, and that there is magic and power in bringing people from different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, identities and perspectives together. We embrace an expansive view of art and resist narrowly defined, Westernized and commercialized definitions of art and its value in society. All applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, ability, age, or veteran status. To read more about AS220’s community values, please visit

What is the application process?

To apply, submit the Application Form and attach an artistic bio, artistic resume, and samples of your artwork.

Based on the applications submitted, we will invite 6 people to interview with a panel made up of AS220 staff and current residents. The panel will score all applicants on the same scale in three areas: 

  1. their housing needs and artistic needs, and how well those needs align with the spaces and resources AS220 has to offer
  2. their level of interest in joining a community of artists
  3. their commitment to their artistic practice (we do not judge applicants based on our subjective impressions of their art; rather we look at the role that artistic practice plays in the applicant’s life). 

The applicant with the highest score after the interviews will be offered the studio. 

If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Fuest and Jonesy Mann at