Live Arts Residencies

AS220 offers 3 residency structures:

Production Residency

Resident Company Initiative

Community Live Arts Residency

Production Residency


The Theatre and Dance Production Residency at AS220 is an opportunity for new and emerging artists to present pre-rehearsed material with access to full technical equipment at no cost-down. This residency is usually people’s first experience working with AS220’s Live Arts Program and is designed to acclimate users to the Black Box.  

Production Residency details:

  • 1-2 weeks in duration
  • For new and emerging companies and artists.
  • 3-days of free space for tech/cue to cue
  • 15 hours of production assistance for load in/hanging
  • 4-6 weekend performance dates/time
  • Use of AS220 light and sound equipment and inventory
  • No money upfront. The first $700 of your weekly ticket gross goes to cover the production costs of the venue. After this fee, the door is split into: 75% toward the artist(s) and 25% toward the venue.
  • Basic help with marketing (presence on web/paper calendars, poster distribution).
  • Fiscal sponsorship for young companies without non-profit status.
  • Educational Workshop Option(reducing $150 from your move-in costs to AS220.)

**This residency assumes companies will bring their own technical director and house manager.  Additional technical/house assistance can be rented at the discount rate of $19/hr.


How to Apply for A Production Residency:

  • Complete an AS220 Booking Form
  • Make clear that you’re looking for a 1-2 week Production Residency, please be flexible & give a range of weeks/months available for you. Priority for the 2017-2018 season is given to companies that hand in a booking form by May 10th, 2017.
  • Wait to be contacted by AS220 to work out the specifics of your residency.
  • If you have any questions, please email


Resident Company Initiative

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Each year, AS220 will have two-three resident companies.  These resident companies should be fully functioning theatre companies with their own artistic, technical, and house staff who run 2 or more shows a year in the Providence area.

Resident Companies make AS220 their temporary home and receive:

  • 4 weekends of programming in a 12 month period (4-6 shows per weekend)
  • 8 hours of production support for each production.
  • Free rental and tech assistance for 2 one-night special events.
  • Basic help with marketing,(presence on web/paper calendars, poster distribution).
  • Featured status on our website for your performances.
  • No money upfront. The first $700 of your weekly ticket gross goes to cover the production costs of the venue. After this fee, the door is split into: 75% toward the artist(s) and 25% toward the venue. Access to additional technical/house assistance at a discount rate of $19 an hour

**Please note that artists can only apply for/utilize one type of residency at a time, and that preference for Resident Company status will be given to first time applicants.


How to Apply for the Resident Company Initiative:

Send the following materials to by May 10, 2017:

  • Mission Statement + company history
  • List of company members + staff (including tech and house staff.)
  • Links to company website, past work.
  • Your companies’ press release/statement of their season for 2015-16.
  • A statement (500 words or less) of your companies’ history with AS220 and how your work reflects the mission and values of AS220 as a space for unjuried, uncensored, all ages performance.

Resident Companies will be informed of their status by June 1st, 2015.


Community Live Arts Residency

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AS220’s Community Live Arts Residency is committed to helping foster and incubate new interdisciplinary work that is connected to AS220’s mission of unjuried uncensored art for all ages. Teams of three artists with different yet intersecting disciplines, genres, or styles are asked to apply.  This new 6 month residency is designed for teams of local working/teaching/practicing community artists to create original material while also developing their profiles as teachers/facilitators of community based art.   As part of this residency, AS220 will offer free/discount access to all of its studios/equipment in exchange for 30 collective hours of teaching workshops, teaching interns and apprenticing students either through AS220 Youth or one of a number of local affiliated arts organizations.

Live Arts Residency teams receive:

  • Six months of rehearsal space (15 hours per month)*
  • 6 hours monthly of production support.
  • Free rental and tech assistance for 2 works in process showings.**
  • Extra help with marketing for the final showing
  • Featured status on our website for your performances.
  • After 6 months, artists will receive a 2-week residency with 15 hours of production assistance, 3 free days of tech/cue to cue time, & 4-6 performances.
  • Access to the printmaking, photography, new media, and fab lab studios.
  • AS220 Membership
  • No money upfront.  The first $700 of your weekly ticket gross goes to cover the production costs of the venue. After this fee, the door is split into: 75% toward the artist(s) and 25% toward the venue

*Certain day/time restrictions on rehearsal rates apply.  However, all spaces can be rented by Live Arts Residents at the Community Curator rate of $15 an hour.

 **Access to additional technical/house assistance at a discount rate of $19 an hour.


In Exchange for these benefits, teams of Live Arts Residents will be expected to:

  • Develop a project whose theme, form, or content is relevant to and reflective of city and state-wide community histories and concerns, OR has a distinct yet related community project in conjunction with it.
  • Hand in with their application a “Community Action Plan” in which they lay out how their work over six months will incorporate teaching and community service.
  • Spend 30 collective hours volunteering to enact and complete your Community Action Plan by creating workshops, apprenticeships, & community based projects with AS220 Youth or any other affiliated local arts NGO, creating apprenticeships in design and fabrication, and hosting community-wide events, forums, & talk-backs. Please contact for names of possible organizations to contact.


How to Apply for the Community Live Arts Residency:

  • Connect with 2 or more artists & come up with a process based performance.
  • If possible, connect with a local arts NGO in Rhode Island about helping you develop a community component to your project. Applicants will be chosen based on their compliance with the criteria of this community action plan firstly, and after on a first come first serve basis.
  • Email with “Community Live Arts Residency Application” in the subject line.  You will receive a link to the application within 24 hours. Feel free to email this address if you have any questions about the application.
  • Applications are rolling and scheduled as space in the Blackbox permits.