Letterpress Workshops Weekend!

Letterpress Workshops Weekend!

Want to build your Letterpress skills while doing something fun in the spirit of the upcoming Holidays? Look no further than the AS220 Print Shop this weekend of Saturday Nov.17th, 2018! Here we will offer two back-to-back, same day workshops with certification of the letterpress!

From 10am to 1pm, Letterpress Your Holiday Cards will offer students a brief introduction to the Vandercook press. In the workshop, students will select a design from a curated suite to print on cardstock, exposing them to the letterpress through a hands-on approach!

Then after at 2pm-6pm, Introduction to Letterpress: Polymer Plates will cover the old and new uses of the letterpress using light-sensitive polymer plates. Students will get a basic foundation for Letterpress printing by focusing on the production and printing process, leaving this class with a working knowledge of press operation including: inking the press, pressure and roller height adjusting, registration, feeding paper through the press and cleaning the press thereafter!

If you’ve been craving to get some experience with printmaking, come on down to the AS220 Print Shop this Saturday for some festive Holiday fun!

Ticket links for workshops are included here:

Letterpress Your Holiday Cards!

Introduction to Letterpress: Polymer Plates