L to R : Alison Simao | April Monteiro Doran | Valerie Ottaviano | Norm Marsh| Kendel Joseph | LUMUKU

IN THE GALLERIES | JULY 6 – 31, 2021
GALLERY HOURS by APPOINTMENT | contact neal.walsh@as220.org
Appointments Wednesday – Saturday | Open Hours Friday -Saturday 12-5pm

Excited to offer open hours Friday/ Saturday 12-5pm. We still ask that you wear masks during your visit!

“She Grew Up To Play Bones” oil on canvas by Abigail Wamboldt

ABORN GALLERY 95 Empire St. | 2nd Floor
Unusual Sustenance | Abigail Wamboldt

“Transformer” digital print by Alison Simao
“Sunset Road” photograph by Norm Marsh

AS220 MAIN GALLERY 115 Empire St.
Heavenly Bodies | Alison Simao
The World Through My Lens | Norm Marsh

“The Good Life” collage by Valerie Ottaviano

From Scratch | Valerie Ottaviano

L to R : April Monteiro Doran | Savannah Da Cruz | Dianna Rodrigues Ramos | Adalgisa Andrade | Blondina Neves

AS220 PROJECT SPACE 93 Mathewson St.
Kriolas in Quarantine: cultivating meaning from a global pandemic
Adalgisa Andrade, Blondina Neves, Savannah Da Cruz, April Monteiro Doran, & Dianna Rodrigues Ramos
Curated by Nadine Almada

“The Carrot Walks on Stilts” by Ryan Dean

Outside the Box | LUMUKU

detail of “C.A.J.” mural by Kendel Joseph

RESIDENT GALLERY 131 Washington St.
Translucency and Light in Spraypaint | Kendel Joseph