July 2: Media Arts Lecture with Brett Henrikson


Brett Henrikson is a Providence based Artist and Photographer. After graduating from RISD in 2011, he has been focusing on making work in the analogue mediums of photography. Brett’s passion of photography is based strongly in the craft and alchemy of the process, from the dying art of C-Printing to traditional Silver Gelatin and the Historical Wet Plate Collodion process, he believes that the hands on aspects of working in the darkroom and using a large format camera give the artist a real sense of creation over their work.

His recent work has been a focus in two subjects. The American west and our cultural interaction with nature. And a large body of work in Wet Plate Collodion comprising of portraits nudes and still lives. Visit his website at www.bretthenriksonphotography.com

Along with his presentation showing different bodies of his work, this will be a great opportunity to learn more about the upcoming workshop he will be leading in the Paul Krot Community darkroom on Wet Plate Collodion Photography. More info on all that here: http://shop.as220.org/products/collodion

AS220 Media Arts Lecture Series immediately follows the AS220 Industries Open House every first Tuesday of the month at The Mercantile Building on Lucie Way.  Starting at 6pm, visit AS220 Industries– the Community Printshop, Labs, and Media Arts to find out more about workshops, resources, and membership (not to mention just having fun and hanging out). Visit as220.org/mediaarts to learn more about us.
Media Arts Lecture Series
131 Washington St
Lucie Way (back entrance), 2nd Floor
7:30pm • Free!