January AIR Show – Arlee Woodworth

One painting a day for one month. AS220′s January Artist in Residence, Arlee Woodworth exhibits her work this Friday, January 31st in 95 Empire’s Psychic Readings Room from 6:30-8:30pm. Get the full event details here. Continue reading for a description of her work and experience here at AS220.

I am am abstract painter, using the landscape as a starting point. My work floats between the representational landscape world to the abstract painting realm. I want the viewer to move between what is real and what is intangible. I experiment with this idea by playing with foreground and background. A rush from the foreground to the distance fundamentally changes the relationship to the scene by physically juxtaposing different spaces. I pick out pieces of the landscape - certain colors and shapes. I interpret my paintings as I work; I make decisions and put paint down. Each mark reacts to the next - adding, subtracting, inserting, overlapping - keeping in mind that the painting is always an object first.
This month at AS220 I was able to create a painting a day. I set this goal for myself so I could see how much work I could create. Having this time really made me focus on what I wanted to paint. Working on many pieces at a time, I felt I became a better critic on my own work, picking and choosing parts that worked in certain pieces to help me solve questions I had in others.