Movie Week at the Empire Black Box

The silver screen beckons, 95-Empire-ites! Duck into our cool and dry mini-movie theatre and lose yourself in these wild and wonderful flicks.

Thursday May 23
Arkham Film Society Presents: Where The dead Go To Die
Super disturbing animated film by musician / filmmaker ScreamerClause with Jimmy ScreamerClause and voice actress Ruby Larocca in attendance.  NOT FOR THE SQUEEMISH OR EASILY OFFENDED!

8pm / $6.00 / 18+

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Friday May 24 & Saturday May 25

CyberHum: Spring Into Summer Film Festival 2013
Celebrating Sci-Fi, Animation, Documentaries & Music Video Works From Local & International Filmmakers / Artists

Films Include: Modern Hieroglyphs
A Sci-Fi Fantasy release featuring new animation and adventurous music produced / composed by Erick Montgomery. Meet Orbot 107, Ogdol (The Navigator Vehicle), Zrenlor (The Alchemist) and Sky Mariner. For them and countless other inhabitants of the Hydrasolara Galaxy, life’s source is sustained by light. Essential elements of the light rays are rapidly deteriorating. Orbot 107 must determine what’s causing the decaying light before Hydrasolara is propelled into extinction.

Modern Hieroglyphs is currently reaching audiences through film festivals, art gallery installations featuring the limited edition digital film stills / screenings throughout the US and Canada. Worldwide screenings are being planned.

The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time
Remember Pac-Man and Donkey Kong? This is where a $50 billion dollar a year industry got its start. What happened to all the old games when the arcades of the early ‘80s disappeared? The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time by SF Bay Area filmmaker Jeff Von Ward follows the rise, fall and rebirth of classic arcade games. Meet the kids who came of age during the golden era of the arcade, now grown up— or mostly grown up—and turning their basements and garages into Chuck-E-Cheeses, intent on preserving the thirty-year-old games they still enjoy.

Complete Film Listings , Schedule & Tickets:

Afternoon screenings to the Festival on both May 24 & 25 from 2PM-5PM.
Original music spinning from 5:15 – 7:30PM  both days.