"I Feel Free" New Flat-File artwork by Lawerence Gansett

“I Feel Free” New Flat-File artwork by Lawerence Gansett

AS220 Galleries is delighted to announce new artworks through our AS220 Flat-File project, by Rhode Island based multi-media artist Lawrence Gansett which is available for purchase through the AS220 Art and Editions Website. AS220 Galleries is also excited to announce a short Q+A with Lawrence.

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Q: How long have you been creating artwork?

A: The oldest memories I have of creating art work take place in Kindergarten so pretty much my whole life.

Q: Is there any inspiration or references you have to create your artworks?

A: There is ALOT of inspiration, my main sources are my nightmares/dreams and childhood. There was this one experince when I was kid that sticks with me, To make it short I saw this black shadow with a red outline staring at me over my bed and it traumatized me as a kid.

Q: Can you explain what the process is in producing your artwork?

A: MAN THE PROCESS OF ME CREATING IS FUN. Painting and creating in general is a performance for me, I never sit down. You really need to get that energy out and flowing! I want you to feel the energy in everything I create, the personality and charisma. When I draw and paint I never have a plan all I know is that I am putting my love into it, what ever happens happens, I feel free. I really let that kid in me out.

Q: Why do you create artwork? Do you have any goals with your artwork? Are there any messages you are trying to convey?

A: THE GOAL IS WORLD WIDE! With hard work and love anything is possible, you just NEED to follow your heart and never let anyone steer you in a direction you dont see fit. I am going to give people memories and experiences they will never forget, I want people to watch my music videos, listen to my music, see my paintings and say damn, that makes me want to get up and do something and ive already had that happen and it feels amazing. If it will happen doesnt exist, its when it will happen, Put out that energy.

Q: If you could spend a day with any living artist and create artwork with him/her/them, who would that be and why?

A: I would love to spend a day with Kanye West, its a dream of mine to create music with him. Theres a few more such as tyler the creator and George condo but Kanye is the main one.

Q: Do you have a website people can see more of your artwork?

A: As of right now my instagram holds a lot of my creations. My instagram is @LAWRENCEGANSETT