Hivemind Theater Collective Presents "The Coward" This Weekend!

Hivemind Theater Collective Presents “The Coward” This Weekend!

Come see some amazing devised theatre this weekend!  Fri-Sat Aug 26-27 at 730pm and Aug 28th at 2pm.

The Coward, at its most basic,  is a story about a drone operator and the intimate (and sometimes frightening) relationship that he creates for himself with his target thousands of miles away; how this need for connection and his intense sense of duty are at odds. At it’s most complex this story questions how distance can alter the human connection in ways that can bring us closer together, as well as distort our sense of reality. It plunges us into an inner world that is mired in the immense responsibility of our own decisions and begs us to examine how those decisions define us.  This revealing relationship is explored through alternative non-traditional text, emotional physicality, and  original music.


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