Hello to our new Printshop Manager!

Hello to our new Printshop Manager!

Brian Whitney was once employed by AS220 as our Industries Coordinator. Just a little over two years ago now, he left to go to medical school. Well, that’s done, and he’s now back at the AS220 as our newly-hired Printshop Manager! A message from him for staff and members is below.

By the way, AS220 would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Brian’s predecessor, Lara Henderson, who is now teaching at Brown University!

Hey Everyone!

I want to introduce/reintroduce myself as the new Printshop Manager at AS220. It’s really exciting to return to the AS220 Printshop. It has been my community, and my home away from home. I am excited to live a life covered in ink again, my hands have been too clean for the last couple years (I still plan on washing my hands regularly). I feel the most like myself when my hands are stained by bright printing inks!

We are gonna meet, if we haven’t, as I will be vigilant in introducing myself to every living person that moves near me.

AS220 is an incredible and special community. I grew as an artist and a person through its support, and it’s thrilling & and humbling to get to support this community and its members, as well as reaching out to include new members, especially those who may not know how valuable a space like this can be.

I appreciate how challenging transitions can be – as I am in the middle of a big one. Its super important to maintain continuity while exploring new ways to continue the shop’s growth. Please, please, let me know any ideas or thoughts that you have. I love communicating and think it’s essential to creating a dynamic space that welcomes and empowers all. So that being said, talk to me about anything. I love looking at people’s work, I love talking shop, I love talking ideas, etc. I am here to help support this unique space. I look forward to continuing the dialogue with members and staff that lets us construct such a valuable place.

And a HUGE thank you and bear hug for Lara. I speak for everyone in wishing her the best as she transitions towards a new path. Lara has been at the core of why the Printshop has continued to grow while never straying from its principles. I am glad that she isn’t leaving us because Lara makes everything better, especially the Printshop.

I look forward to being part of this amazing experience, in this amazing city.

Be well,

Brian Whitney