The Black Market Box Flea is a monthly flea market hosted by 95 Empire to stimulate the stimulating circulation of magical junk in a refreshing barter economy driven by artists, hustlers and bargain hunters!

If jewels and junk are not enough to temp you towards our dark market – attend for Alec K Redfearn’s hypnotic and haunting musical interludes and Ric Royer’s devilishly delicious Hell’s Donuts served straight out the Vanpyr.. and our costumed vendors!

This October 27th, our Haunted Flea will take place from 6-10pm – because its much spookier to shop under the moon and hide from the afternoon sun.

Always free to attend – so come by and buy, or sign up to sell. Tables are just $10!

Register to be a vendor at: http://as220-shop.myshopify.com/products/haunted-flea-october-registration